21 December 2021

Computerized Education for Crimean Tatar Women Moving to Kiev from TİKA

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized computerized sewing and embroidery courses at the Crimea Family Culture Center by providing various hardware products such as computers, printers, computerized automatic embroidery machines, irons, fabrics and consumables for the Crimean Tatar women who moved to Kiev.

In the courses taught by the Mayre Lyumanova, Crimean painter, decorative and applied art specialist, and clothing designer, 24 students were taught about the meanings, types, features and usage of embroidery patterns in the context of a 2 month long course. At the end of the training, each student gained the skill of transferring a pattern to the fabric by drawing embroidery patterns specific to the Crimean Tatars in a special computer program.

The course project which is for Crimean families who moved to Kiev will contribute to the protection and promotion of Crimean Tatar culture and aims to help Crimean Tatar women join the workforce and earn income.

About the project, Head of the "Crimea Family" NGO, Anife Kurtseitova, stated that embroidery courses are in great demand and that the information learned in the courses will reach more people in the future.

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