21 December 2021

30th Anniversary of Independence of Turkic Republics Celebrated in Ankara

The "30th Anniversary of Independence of Turkic Republics Celebration Program and Panel" organized by the Parliamentary Union of the Turkic World and the Turkey Political and Strategic Research Foundation (TURPAV) in cooperation with Turkish Cooperation Coordination Agency (TİKA) was held at Ankara State Art and Sculpture Museum.

In the event, attendees made remarks on the 30th independence anniversary of Turkic Republics. Along with Azerbaijan's Karabakh Victory; the current bleeding wounds of the Turkic world such as Crimea under Russian occupation and East Turkestan facing China’s systematic genocide, were frequently mentioned by the speakers.

The program, which took place within the framework of the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkic Republics, started with the national anthem and was followed by the inaugural speech of Nail Çelebi, the Turkic World Parliamentary Union (TDBP) President and 21st Term Deputy for Trabzon. It was followed by protocol speeches.

Yavuz Selim Kıran, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and former President Dr. Reşad Doğru have delivered their speeches. Mustafa Şentop, the President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, congratulated the independence anniversary of the Turkic Republics as part of the celebration program and panel by telegram.

After the protocol speeches, the Ambassadors of the Turkic Republics and the Presidents of the Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group addressed the participants. Osman Mestan, the President of the Turkey-Uzbekistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, delivered a greeting speech. Mestan drew attention to the importance of the Organization of Turkic States in his speech. On behalf of Reşat Mamadov, Azerbaijan Ambassador of Ankara; Undersecretary of the Azerbaijan Ankara Embassy, Elçin Allahverdiyev, has delivered the speech. In his speech, Allahverdiyev touched upon Turkey-Azerbaijan relations during the second Karabakh War.

At the event, Abzal Saparbekulı, Kazakhstan Ambassador of Ankara, and Kubaniçbek Ömuraliyev, Kyrgyzstan Ankara Ambassador, delivered their speeches within the scope of the 30th independence anniversary of the Turkic Republics.

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