20 September 2022

Citrus Sapling Support from TİKA to Families in Need in Albania

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) distributed citrus saplings to families with orphaned children in Albania.

The distribution ceremony took place in Cerrik in the province of Elbasan. Türkiye’s Ambassador to Tirana, Tayyar Kağan Atay, TİKA’s Tirana Coordinator, Emine Gizem Başkan, agricultural engineers and the target families were present in the ceremony.

Ambassador Atay gave a speech at the ceremony and said this project is, indeed, an economic project that will change the lives of Albanian families, for it enables women to participate in agricultural production. Atay said it is important for them to support women who have a crucial place in society and constitute a driving force for production. Atay stated, “TİKA is not only renovating mosques in the Balkans different from what some people criticize. It is also carrying out important, tangible projects in the fields of infrastructure, superstructure, social production, health, and hygiene touching the lives of many people.”

"We are relatives, brothers"

Atay indicated that Turks and Albanians have been two kinsfolk for centuries. Atay added, “We are relatives, brothers. Therefore, as Türkiye, we have always supported you, and we will continue to do so.”

Atay informed that they are not working only in the fields of economy and agriculture and detailed, “We donated several buses and cars to the Albanian army in Tirana on Friday. Whatever is required in all fields of life. Türkiye is a great country. Türkiye has always sided with Albania, its brother, friend and relative, in good and bad days. The aids we provided in the earthquake, the earthquake houses in Laç, the hospital in Fier… These are the indicators of our brotherhood. Today, we are working in a new field by supporting the participation of women in agricultural production thanks to TİKA’s valuable efforts.”

3 thousand 750 saplings to be distributed in 4 cities 

TİKA’s Coordinator, Başkan said 3750 saplings will be distributed in 4 cities. The saplings are lemon, mandarin, and orange saplings.   Başkan stated, "After the distribution of saplings, our agriculture expert from Ankara will give a training to families on how to plant the saplings, maintain them and fight against plant diseases.” Ali Kurt, an agricultural engineer working for TİKA, stated that citrus is the most widely grown fruit tree around the 40th parallel.

50 families with orphaned children to benefit from the project

Kurt said normally the saplings yield fruits starting from the third year. He maintained, “What is important is to plant the saplings in a healthy way and maintain and take care of them. Then, they will yield fruits.” 50 families with orphaned children will benefit from the project within the scope of Alternative of the Future Foundation (ALSAR Foundation). Each family will be given a total of 75 lemon, orange, and mandarin saplings as well as chemical fertilizers.

Besides, under TİKA’s Experience Sharing Program 2022, 10 students studying different majors in Türkiye participated in the trainings given to families in Sulzotaj, Tropoja and Veliboja. Then the students helped the farmers in the villages with the planting of the saplings.

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