21 March 2018

A Protocol was Signed between TİKA and Palestinian PICA

A partnership protocol was signed between the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) for strategic cooperation.

The signing ceremony held at the Foreign Ministry located in the city of Ramallah in West Bank was attended by Turkey’s Ambassador – Consul General in Jerusalem Gürcan Türkoğlu, TİKA’s Palestine Coordinator Bülent Korkmaz and Palestine Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Amal Jadou and PICA General Manager Imad Zuhairi. 

Korkmaz spoke during the ceremony and explained that the protocol, which was signed after one and a half year long preparation will be the beginning of the cooperation between the two countries to carry out infrastructure and humanitarian assistance projects in Palestine. Korkmaz also remarked that they were happy to share Turkey’s experience in development cooperation with Palestine. “We are happy to share our well-established experiences with our Palestinian brothers,” said Korkmaz and pointed out that they will work together with Palestinians in the third-world countries. 

Korkmaz reminded that the TİKA office in Palestine was established in 2005 and he said: “Since the TİKA office was established, we are working very hard to serve all Palestinian towns. We have completed 450 separate projects in Palestine so far. The preparations are still ongoing for 30 different projects that have been planned.” 

Zuhairi spoke during the ceremony and stated that Palestine will be supporting TİKA with human resources for projects in Africa and Latin America. Zuhairi expressed that with the projects it carries out in other countries, TİKA is a source of pride not only for Turkey but also for the Palestinian people. He pointed out that the development cooperation that has been going on between the two countries for a long time will further improve with the protocol between the two organizations, and as PICA, they are delighted for the opportunity to benefit from Turkey’s expertise on development cooperation.

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