09 October 2023

"Wood Carving and Training House" opened in Niger with TİKA's Support

Established with the support of Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency (TİKA), the Wood Carving and Training House was inaugurated.

Having a long history in the Western Sub-Saharan countries, the art of wood carving greatly contributes to tourism receipts along with representing the cultural codes of these countries. On the other hand, the wooden manufactured furniture and gears are still being used in the daily use of western sub-Saharan people and continue to maintain their importance.

In the last quarter century, wooden decorative items have been among the favorites of foreign tourists. Thus, the works of African wood craftsmen are exported all over the world.

Decorative wood carving is coming into prominence in Niger along with the other Western Saharan countries, and the wooden items carved with innovative motifs are adding value to the tourism and economy of the country.

In other respects, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Niger is supporting artistic activities adding value to the country's culture and tourism and is encouraging especially the unemployed youth to artistic production for them to learn crafting.

TİKA Supports Cultural and Artistic Activities in Niger

"Wood Carving House", where more than 20 ministry artists earn their incomes working in the Musée National Boubou Hama, the first stop for local and foreign tourists in Niger, was renovated according to the traditional architecture.

In which new craftsmen will be educated and people having an interest in art will receive vocational training, a training house was also built next to the studio where wood craftsmen will be producing.

Established with the help of TİKA, the center was equipped with wooden counters, stools, electrical carving tools, carving knives, a saw, glue, sandpaper, shelves, a closet, a clamp, a sawmill, work clothes and other complementary equipment.

Also, a recreation area was built in the mosque courtyard in a traditional way for the visitors of the museum to rest.

The Youth is Receiving Wood Carving Training

In the first stage, a total of 10 youngsters 2 of which are girls, who are chosen with the coordination of the National Council for Arts and Culture, will receive 40 days of vocational training.

TİKA Wood Carving and Training House official opening ceremony was held with the attendance of Türkiye's Ambassador to Niamey, Özgür Çınar; TİKA's Coordinator in Niamey, Tanju Polat; the President of Musée National Boubou Hama, Haladou Mammane and Chief Physician of the Niger-Türkiye Friendship Hospital, Rezzan Sümeli.

In his speech to the national press, Ambassador Çınar said that the 2-block building for production and training will be essential for the museum activities, will motivate the artistic potential of Niger and will enable the existing talents to practice their professions in the training house equipped with first-class equipment.

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