30 January 2023

Vocational Training Project Jointly Carried Out by TİKA and Turkish Red Crescent in Sudan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkish Red Crescent and Sudan Red Crescent jointly carried out a project focused on Providing Occupation, Equipment, and Material Support for Sudanese Trainees’’. 40 Sudanese citizens participated in the project and had the opportunity to start working life thanks to the training and materials provided to them.

The project “Providing Occupation, Equipment, and Material Support’’, which lasted for 6 weeks, was jointly conducted by TİKA and Turkish Red Crescent. İsmail Çobanoğlu, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Khartum; Büşra Hamid Ahmed, Khartum’s Deputy Governor; Fulya Aslan, TİKA’s Coordinator in Khartum; Çetin Bayatlı, Head of Sudan Delegation of Turkish Red Crescent participated in the closing ceremony. The young graduates were present at the ceremony as well.

“Education is one of the priorities of our Embassy”

Ambassador Çobanoğlu gave a speech at the ceremony and said, “TİKA and Turkish Red Crescent are among the institutions that represent our country abroad.Education is one of the priorities of our Embassy. Vocational and technical training is an important part of this.”

Mr. Ahmed, Khartum’s Deputy Governor, underlined the importance of vocational training for the development of a country and said that they will declare the year 2023 “The Year of Skills and Vocational Training” in Khartum.

Mr. Ahmed indicated that Türkiye is creative in this field. He thanked TİKA and Turkish Red Crescent for their support. He congratulated the trainees and gave them advice.

“Everything starts now”

Fulya Aslan, TİKA’s Coordinator in Khartum said, “The training program, which we carried out in order to improve Sudan’s most important resource, namely the human resource and help them acquire a profession, has come to an end.Today, the trainees will also be provided with equipment so that they can transfer their knowledge into an economic activity. In fact, everything starts now.This program will reach its aim when we see you doing your job.”

Mr. Bayatlı, Head of Sudan Delegation of Turkish Red Crescent said, “The aim of this training is to make positive contribution to employment, find radical solutions for unemployment and support disadvantaged families in Sudan by respecting human dignity.We are very happy to have carried out this project and this year we will continue to provide trainings for diverse groups.”

Reşid Muhammed Osman, one of the course attendees who had completed a training on furniture manufacturing, made a statement to AA reporters and said, “We have completed our training and received our materials.I will enter the market and open my own store in the days ahead.Thus, I will put theory into practice and put bread on the table both for myself and my family.I thank TİKA and Turkish Red Crescent a lot.”

“Our dreams have come true”

Hatice Abdulhalim Abdurrahman, who completed sewing training, said, “We learned a lot from the course.It was a dream for us, now it has come true.I will set up a workshop and try to support orphans in particular.”

Mueyyed İsam, aged 19, completed a training on welding said he will go back to his hometown and start his own business. He added that he will be able to meet both his own and his family’s needs thanks to this profession.

TİKA comes to the forefront with humanitarian and development projects in health, education and agriculture as well as cultural and historical heritage, whereas Turkish Red Crescent focuses on crises such as floods, migration, famine and diseases. Both institutions make Sudanese people feel that Turkish people side with them.

To date, more than 5 thousand Sudanese citizens have been trained in different fields such as welding, furniture manufacturing, textile, computer literacy, electricity and air conditioning at the Turkish Vocational and Technical Trainers Education Center opened by TİKA in Sudan in 2013.

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