06 May 2021

Turkmen Written Work Digitalized with the Support of TİKA

In order to preserve and promote the culture of Turkmens living in Iraq and to provide quick and easy access to the written resources belonging to Turkmens, the Turkmen written works are being transferred to an e-library with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

As part of the project, the scanners, computers and other screening devices that have been procured by TİKA have been delivered to the officials from the Iraqi Turkmen Non-Governmental Organizations Foundation.

As the first project to list the works belonging the Turkmens, the “Turkmen Electronic Library Project” has the purpose of preserving the historic and cultural information on Turkmens, helping the researchers access the rare works and documents that act as historic records, and therefore supporting the Iraqi Turkmens in socio-economics, culture, arts and history.

Offering free services on “”, the Turkmen e-library will provide an opportunity for the visitors to access all rare and current works that contain the culture, arts and history of Iraqi Turkmens. On the website, Turkish and Arabic works can be viewed and downloaded separately in the PDF format.

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