07 May 2019

Turkey Shares Disaster Risk Management Experience with Asian Countries

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Japan International Development Agency (JICA) and Middle East Technical University Jointly Provide Training for Disaster Experts from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines and Pakistan

In line with the program agreement between TİKA, JICA and METU a 2-weeks training program namely “Disaster Risk Management and Building Disaster Resilient Communities” has been organized for 3 years in a row since 2017 targeting disaster prone Asian countries. This year the third group, 12 experts and academics from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines and Pakistan, received theoretical as well as on-site training conducted under the auspices of METU’s ‘Disaster Management Implementation and Research Center’ between 30 April – 1 May 2019.

Turkish and Japanese academics/experts covered topics such as disaster risk management and risk reduction, sustainable development and building disaster resilient cities, post-disaster improvement plans, urban-planning from a flood risk management perspective and social risks. The training in Ankara and Bolu was followed by examining sites and visiting AFAD’s operation and training centers in Bursa and İstanbul.

The fact that program communication, from call for application to providing guidance and orientation for the selected candidates, was made by TİKA Program Coordination Offices in the 4 countries can be evaluated as a factor that increased the success of the training. As the outcome of the program, the participants have been introduced to new knowledge and practices in the field that can be adapted to their local context and created a promising network that would lead to more cooperation among these 4 Asian countries. Giving great positive feedback both the participants and TİKA’s project partners, the representatives of JICA and METU, recommended that this kind of triangular cooperation projects that create an abundant platform for transferring Turkey’s and Japan’s development experience to other countries should be repeated.

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