16 July 2019

Turkey Responded Namibia’s Emergency Call for Drought

In Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, Turkey Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided milk and food aid to Katatura PPS School, which has 1552 students.

President of Namibia Hage Geingob declared “State of Emergency” over drought, and the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation called on the entire diplomatic mission to help the community and livestock affected by the drought and published the “Drought Response Plan” on 16 May 2019. In the assistance plan, it was stated that food aid was the priority and needed to be provided to schools in particular.

In compliance with the Namibia Emergency Assistance Plan and as a result of the research conducted by TİKA, 300 food packages per student were distributed for a total of 1552 students from the first to the seventh grade, 273 of which were boarders, at the state school called People Primary School (PPS) in Katatura, the rural area of the capital, which provides students with breakfast and meals every day. Each package contains 5 kg of Rice, Sugar, Flour and Mahangu, 100 g of baking powder, and 400 g of soap

The food aid provided by TİKA was delivered to the school officials with the official program attended by Republic of Turkey Ambassador to Windhoek Berin Makbule Tulun, TİKA Namibia Coordinator Özlem Güvenç, Namibia’s Ministry of Education officials, PPS School officials, members of the press, and all the students and teachers at the school.

Namibian officials thanked Turkey for not being insensitive to the drought.

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