01 December 2015

Turkey’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) increased by 47% in 2014

Turkey’s total official development assistance in 2014, including private flows, has increased 47,3% compared to last year and reached 6.4 billion US dollars.
Coordinated by Turkish Prime Ministry Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkey’s overall official and private flow development assistance have gone up to 6,403 million US dollars with an increase by 47,3% compared to 2013. Total Official Development Assistance (ODA) delivered by Turkey in 2014 has reached 3,591 million US dollars with an increase by 8,6% as a pioneering country in terms of international humanitarian aid. 
Development assistance, which is considered one of the most important components of international cooperation, embodies in-cash and in-kind assistance and investments aiming to provide support and find urgent solutions for the problems of developing countries. Turkey increased the official development assistance from 85 million US dollars (2012) to 3,591 million US dollars (2014).

Largest share from urgent humanitarian assistance
48% of Turkish Official Development Assistance in 2014 comes from urgent humanitarian assistance. A major assistance was delivered to Syrian guests. In this framework, a 799.52 million dollar aid was provided for Syrian, Afghan, African, Asian and Middle Eastern guests who came to our country in 2014. 683.57 million dollars was spared to Syrian guests, while Afghan and African guests benefited from the aid the most.

Development Assistance: Big share goes to Middle East
Similar to the past 3 years, the major part of Turkish bilateral official development assistance in 2014 was directed to Middle East region. In parallel with the aid granted to Syrian guests, the amount topped 2.5 billion dollars. South and Middle Asia follows Middle East with 486.6 million, African region with 383.3 million, the Balkans and Eastern Europe with 133.8 million dollars. Syria is the first country that benefited most from Turkish ODA in 2014 followed by Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Somali and Palestine. 
Drastic Increase in assistance towards Least Developed Countries
Assistance towards least developed countries has reached 1.5 billion dollars (2008-2014). Countries that benefited most in this category are respectively Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan.

Direct Investments
Turkish capital export, on the other hand, is mainly directed to South and Middle Asia region along with many other regions from Africa to Latin America, from Europe to Far East just as effectively as the previous years. Turkey’s investment of 1,926 million dollars to Azerbaijan in the energy sector stands out as the most interesting investment of Turkey in 2014.
Assistance of Turkish NGOs
Total development assistance delivered by Turkish Non-Governmental Organizations in 2014 reached 368.28 million dollars. Turkish NGOs conducted activities mainly in Syria, followed by Palestine, Somalia and Bosnia Herzegovina. 

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