03 November 2022

Training Support from TİKA to Kosovan Police Officers

A training on “Measures Against Suicide Attacks” was organized in Kosovo within the framework of the International Police Training Project jointly organized by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and General Directorate of Security (EGM).

The certificate ceremony was hosted by Kosovo Police Service. Cihan Dinçer, TİKA’s Kosovo Coordinator, Major Tahire Agjolli from Kosovo Police Training Department, the bomb squad from the Criminal Department under the General Directorate of Security and course participants attended the ceremony.

Dinçer made a statement and said that the training aimed at Kosovan police officers enabled the two countries share their experiences, develop a collective consciousness and create a shared terminology in the fight against crime. Dinçer added that Kosovan police officers were given trainings about cyber security and search for missing children in addition to suicide attacks. Dinçer stated, “We will continue to give trainings to police officers together with our General Directorate of Security in 2023 to contribute to peace, security and welfare in Kosovo.”

Feridun Yurt, a trainer and bomb technician, said that they received positive feedback from the course participants. Yurt indicated that they tried to give participants information they could apply in their professional lives and explained, "We first gave the 23 participants a basic training about what a bomb is and how it is prepared. Then, we gave a training on suicide attacks carried out by suicide bombers and car bombs. We gave detailed information to the participants about how the attacks could happen, how they can be detected and what kinds of measures can be taken against them.”

Major Agjolli said they will share the learning outcomes from the trainings given by Turkish experts with their colleagues and added, “We hope that Turkish state will continue to give trainings to improve the capacity of the police force. I thank Turkish state as a brother and friend.”

The 23 Kosovan police officers, who completed the 5-day training successfully, were presented certificates at the ceremony.

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