03 July 2018

Training for the Police Forces of Friend and Brother Countries

Implemented through a collaboration between the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the General Directorate of Security, International Police Training Cooperation Project offered training programs to a total of 196 law enforcement personnel from Turkey and other countries in the first quarter of 2018.  

Through the collaboration between TİKA and General Directorate of Security, International Police Training Cooperation Project, which began in the period of 2007-2008 in the pilot countries Albania and Kyrgyzstan, continues with success after the inclusion of Mexico, Guatemala, Serbia and Kosovo in 2017 and Kenya in 2018. As part of the project targeting the law enforcement personnel in friend and brother countries, in-service and applied trainings are provided to ensure mutual sharing of the experience between the organizations, establishment of a shared understanding when fighting crime and achieving a unified terminology between the law enforcement organizations of both countries. Furthermore, the goals include dissemination of international standards related to policing practices, combating regional security issues in a coordinated and concurrent manner, and increasing the speed of transformation in Police Forces in the countries Turkey collaborates with on security issues by keeping them informed of the latest developments in policing through trainings that will be given by the Turkish police to the high ranking police officers and to departments that require special expertise.

As part of the International Police Training Cooperation Project, within the scope of the 2018 training programs, a “Training on Protection of Important Persons” was given to police officers assigned to the security detail of Kyrgyzstan state officials, especially Kyrgyzstan Head of State, which covered the aim and basic principles of protection in Kyrgyzstan, protection on foot and in vehicles, maneuvers against bombed attacks, vehicle evacuation, shooting practices for close protection officers. A “Technical Surveillance and Tracking Basic Training” was organized in Azerbaijan for Azerbaijani Law Enforcement personnel, which covered issues such as the improvement of technical surveillance and tracking measures, innovative practices and the use of technical devices, legislative issues on the surveillance of communication, technical surveillance, etc. An “Investigation of Cybercrimes Training” was organized in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Bosnian Law Enforcement personnel, which covered cybercrime investigations and international cooperation, basic concepts and basic internet knowledge, online research techniques, areas within the scope of the Department of Fight Against Cybercrimes and crimes related to child abuse and information technology.

A “Shooting Instructor Development Training” was organized in Tunisia for Tunisian Law Enforcement and Gendarmerie personnel, which included theoretical and applied topics for basic police shooting trainings like gun use and shooting techniques and target practice with guns and rifles, etc. For Macedonian Law Enforcement personnel a “Human Resources Management Training” was held in Turkey, which covered the topics of strategic human resources management, business analysis and business design, human resources management, planning, personnel recruitment processes, personnel selection and placement, training and development, intra-organizational relationships, etc. In addition, a “Police Leadership and Management Skills Training” was held in Macedonia to cover the topics of the concept of leadership, the difference between a leader and a manager, leadership theories and their applications in policing, leadership in crisis management, communication skills in leadership, project and team management, and personnel management. A “Fighting Against Refugee Smuggling and Human Trafficking Training” was held in Turkey for Montenegrin Law Enforcement personnel, and it provided general information on Refugee Smuggling and Human Trafficking, its basic properties and causes, tactics and methods that are being used, related national and international legislation, management and techniques, risk analysis and assessments. President of the delegation and other officials visited our Agency and they were welcomed by our Vice President Prof. Dr. Birol Çetin.

An “Investigation of Drug Related Crimes Training” was carried out in Serbia for the Serbian Law Enforcement personnel, which covered the topics of identification and classification of drugs, drug crime investigations, use of undercover investigators, technical surveillance, surveillance and interruption of communication in drug crime investigations, physical surveillance, operation planning and management, interview and investigation techniques, etc. A “Fighting Against International Crimes Cooperation Channels Training” was organized in Turkey for Mexican Law Enforcement personnel, which included the importance of international police cooperation, the purpose of Interpol, its structure, responsibilities and activities, international communication systems and databases, international smuggling crimes, judicial assistance, crimes related to terrorism, and crimes against public order.

A “Police Instructors’ Training” was held in Uzbekistan for Uzbekistani Law Enforcement personnel, which covered needs, concerns, expectations, experimental learning cycles, communication skills, lecturing techniques, checking information, etc. For Yemeni security forces, a two-week special training was provided on operational shooting techniques, fighting against terrorist organizations, security intelligence, suicide attacks and analysis efforts. In the meetings with delegation presidents and the participants of the related countries, they expressed that the trainings were very beneficial for them. They also stated that thanks to the professional trainings provided by esteemed trainers, who are experts in their fields, they will be returning to their countries in a well-equipped way. They offered their heartfelt gratitude to Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Security and to TİKA, which is carrying out this organization across five continents, and pointed out that these activities improved the level of communication and cooperation between the countries. Furthermore, it was decided to include Kenya into this project in 2018 to improve the relations between the two countries. After the interviews with Kenya Ministry of Interior, a visit was made to perform a needs analysis to determine the training areas, where our country will help the Kenyan Law Enforcement personnel. In the visit, ideas were exchanged and the necessary steps were taken to carry out the trainings that are considered important by Kenyan authorities.


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