04 October 2023

TİKA Supports Women and Fashion Week of the Turkic World

With the cooperation of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TURKSOY), the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, and the Governorship of Fergana, “VI. Women and Fashion Week of the Turkic World” was organized in Margilan, Uzbekistan.

The fashion week was held within the scope of the II. International Festival of Handicrafts, which is supported by TİKA. The opening speech of the fashion week was made by TURKSOY Secretary General, Sultan Raev and Vice Governor of Fergana, Hurşidcan Ahmedov.

Raev stated in his speech:

“It is no coincidence that the first Fashion Week in Uzbekistan is organized in Margilan.” It is because Margilan is known as the source of silk and has hosted more than 30 nationalities throughout centuries, as one of the most important cities of the Silk Road. It is not wrong to say that Margilan is the center of the Turkic World today, just as how it had been the center of the Silk Road in the past.”

TURKSOY Secretary General, Raev continued his speech, stating, “These events are strengthening the friendship and sisterhood between the Turkic people, as well as giving opportunities of experience to our well-known designers and setting an example to our young talents.”

“Women and Fashion Week of the Turkic World” is organized to promote our traditional clothing to the world and pass it to the next generation, by designing them to fit the modern time. It was held in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Türkiye, and Mongolia before.

“Women and Fashion Week of the Turkic World” took place on the last week of September. The fashion show organized within its scope was presented to fashion lovers. The show included products of Turkic World’s designers such as Gülnara Halilova (Azerbaijan), Aigul Zhanserikova (Kazakhstan), Gulzhan Iresh and Zalkarbek Askarali Uulu (Kyrgyzstan), Lali Fazilova, Luiza Kamolova and Shukhrat Ergashev (Uzbekistan), Tezcan Ergün and Yasemin Küçük Şahin (Türkiye), Sultan Saliyev (Tatarstan, R.F.), Anzhelika Kirillina (Sakha-Yakutia, RF), Kima Dongak (Tyva, R.F.) and Mandul Bazar (Mongolia).

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