24 April 2020

TİKA Supports the Mask Production Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has given support to the mask production project launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina to combat the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

10,000 protective masks manufactured in the first phase of the project, which was launched by TİKA in cooperation with the Medica Zenica Association and the Nuraj Cooperative, were delivered to the officials of the Visoko Medical Center in the city of Visoko and the Zenica Cantonal Hospital in the city of Zenica.

As part of the project, launched with the slogan “Solidarity for Health,” it is aimed to manufacture a total of 50,000 masks and distribute them to healthcare institutions and those in need across the country.

Stressing the importance of the project for the Visoko Medical Center, which has a medical staff of nearly 180 people, Dr. Džemila Mustafić, Manager of the Visoko Medical Center, expressed her satisfaction and stated that Turkey and TİKA, which had previously built and equipped the Visoko Moštre Primary Healthcare Center, are always there for them.

In her statement, Elida Hadžić, Chief Pharmacist at the Zenica Cantonal Hospital, said, “Our hospital uses a large number of protective equipment. Each mask delivered to us makes our fight against the coronavirus easier.” Hadžić stressed the importance of donation of masks in the fight against the coronavirus and thanked TİKA for its assistance.

The Medica Zenica Association will manufacture 40,000 masks as part of the project. In her statement, Sabiha Husić, the manager of the association, noted that the masks they manufacture will be delivered to healthcare institutions across the country. She said, “We have decided to manufacture masks with the women working at Medica. We would not have implemented this idea without the materials provided by TİKA.”

It is aimed to distribute the masks that will be manufactured as part of the project to healthcare institutions, people in need, and other partners in the country.


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