19 December 2023

TİKA Supports the Development of Venezuela’s Health Infrastructure

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) renewed certain parts of the Dr. Domingo Luciani Hospital in Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, thus making it fit for service.

In the regional countries of South America, physical and technical infrastructure in the field of health is quite inefficient. Adding another one to the list of projects carried out within the scope of the Development of Health Services and Infrastructures in the Region of South America Program, which has been carried out since 2018 to provide the regional countries with qualified health services, TİKA renewed the physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy rooms, consulting rooms, common areas, and administrative units of Dr. Domingo Luciani Hospital on an area of 750 sq meters. An air conditioning system that the hospital did not have prior was installed in the related units, thus making the hospital units fit for treatment.

The opening ceremony of the renewed units was attended by Türkiye’s Ambassador to Caracas, Naci Aydan Karamanoğlu; General Director of the Hospital, Maurilina Guzman; hospital authorities; and press members.

In his speech during the ceremony, Ambassador Karamanoğlu noted that TİKA has been carrying out important projects in the field of health in Venezuela for years and stated that the support from our country in this field will continue.

In the delivery ceremony, the General Director of the Hospital Guzman stated that the hospital is one of the most extensive hospitals in Venezuela and accepts a high number of patients from every medical branch; also, that the hospital has needed renewal and maintenance for many years, and with this project, the capacity of the hospital and the quality of the service will be increased. Guzman stated: “We thank Türkiye for their support in the health sector. We aspire to have better conditions in the hospital with similar projects in the future. I thank you in the name of our President, Nicolas Maduro, the Ministry of Health, and the workers of the Hospital."

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