22 August 2023

TİKA Supports Strawberry Cultivation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided strawberry seedling and equipment support to 20 families to improve strawberry cultivation in Čelić Municipality, located northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A total of 20 thousand square meters of high tunnels and strawberry seedlings were provided for the installation of a thousand-square-meter strawberry greenhouses for each one of a total of 20 families in the first phase of the project, launched to enhance the strawberry production capacity and the competitiveness by TİKA in cooperation with Čelić Municipality and the Faculty of Agriculture and Food of the University of Sarajevo. With the tunnels to be installed, it is aimed to increase productivity in strawberry production by reducing the negative impact of weather conditions.

Čelić Municipality, the leading producer of strawberries in Europe in terms of the ratio of strawberry cultivation to total population, is known for regional strawberry cultivation with its “Strawberry Days” events organized since 1980.

It is planned to increase the technical capacity of producers and to encourage an export-oriented production model owing to the consultation services to be provided to the producers by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Sarajevo, one of the project partners.

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