11 January 2023

TİKA Supports Silk Production in Cambodia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) launched a project to recreate and use traditional Cham silk patterns.

Officials of TİKA and DC-CAM (Documentation Center of Cambodia), a silk processing workshop in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, met in order to revive Cham silk patterns, which had almost been forgotten due to the deaths during the Pol Pot regime, to copyright a silk pattern representing this ethnic group, and to put it on the market.

As part of the project, the research and preparation phases of which took a significant amount of time, common patterns were identified with the support of people who know how to weave silk patterns. An original and local model will be designed and produced soon.

Economic problems will be reduced

In Cambodia, there is a high demand for Cham silk. The revenue from the sales of the products with the selected pattern to be put on the market will reduce the economic problems experienced by low-income families in Kampong Cham. When the project is completed, it will keep the cultural values of the Cham community alive and contribute to the sustainability of the cultural richness of Cambodia.

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