03 October 2023

TİKA Supports Preschool Education in Moldova

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided equipment support to the dining hall and laundry room of the new preschool building in Sincera village, Kishinev.

Sincera is in the suburbs of Kishinev, and more than 300 children have to go to Kishinev from there every day. Therefore, the local municipality started building a preschool, which took more than 10 years due to the lack of resources. However, it was not active because of the inefficiencies of the dining hall and laundry room. With the support provided by TİKA, the dining hall and laundry room were equipped with modern equipment and made available to the preschool which has a capacity for 320 children. Alongside TİKA, the Municipality of Kishinev, the Municipality of Sincera, and the state of Romania also contributed to the building and equippment of the preschool.

The opening ceremony of the preschool building was attended by Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Kishinev, Uygar Mustafa Sertel, Romania’s Ambassador to Kishinev, Cristian-Leon Turcanu, Mayor of Kishinev, Ion Cheban, Mayor of Sincera, Valeriu Popa, TİKA’s Coordinator in Kishinev, Selda Özdenoğlu, local authorities, families and many invitees.

In his speech, Ambassador Sertel emphasized the good relations Türkiye and Moldova have had for many years. Stating that there are many projects and activities carried out by Türkiye, Sertel especially emphasized the importance given to the children and education.

Mayor of Kishinev, Ion Cheban thanked TİKA for their contribution to the development of the region and flourishing of the city.

In her speech, TİKA’s Coordinator, Selda Özdenoğlu stated that TİKA is carrying out many projects and activities in the country, however, the subject they give the most importance to is improving the facilities for children’s education, as they are the future of the country. Özdenoğlu especially emphasized the importance of preschool education for the country’s development.

Predominantly, TİKA gives importance to preschool education projects among the projects carried out in Moldova. TİKA equipped and renovated many preschool buildings in the Gagauzia Region. “Comrade Nasreddin Hoca Preschool”, construction of which was completed by TİKA is considered to be one of the best preschools in the country.

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