07 May 2020

TİKA Supports Mozambique in Its Fight against COVID19

In order to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency has started to provide hygiene training and hygiene products to 7 orphanages and nursing homes in cooperation with the Countinadores Association (OCM) and the Municipality of Maputo.

As part of the project “Raising Awareness about Hygiene,” 7 orphanages and nursing homes are planned to be visited, in which training sessions on how to be protected from the outbreak will be organized, and hygiene products will be provided. In addition, posters explaining the 14 rules were prepared and put up around the city to raise public awareness.

The first activity was carried out at the May 1 Orphanage with the participation of Turkey’s Ambassador to Maputo Zeynep Kızıltan, the officials of TİKA and the Countinadores Association, Dr. Savaiva from the Department of Health and Social Services of the Municipality of Maputo, and members of the press. In his speech, President of the Association Danilo Teixeira stated that they were happy to collaborate with TİKA and Turkey and thanks to this collaboration, they would be able to reach people in the highest risk group.

Ambassador Kızıltan said that even though we could not celebrate April 23 as usual, she was happy to carry out this activity with children and spend time with them.

Hygiene products were delivered to the orphanage after Dr. Munguambe taught children how they should wash their hands and protect themselves from the disease with songs and nursery rhymes. As part of the project “Raising Awareness about Hygiene,” 6 other orphanages and nursing homes will be visited in Mozambique.


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