18 May 2020

TİKA Supports Mongolia’s Fight against COVID19

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) started producing masks to support Mongolia’s fight against COVID-19.

TİKA provides 15,000 protective masks made with hypoallergenic fabric to the Central Military Hospital in Mongolia to be distributed to high-risk groups, especially to healthcare providers.

Operating under Mongolia’s Ministry of Defense, the 570-bed military hospital was declared a pandemic hospital by the Mongolian Government to combat COVID-19.

Upon the request for masks to be used by the hospital staff, mask production began in the Cutting and Sewing Workshop, which was built by TİKA for Khotons. 1,000 masks a day, 15,000 in total, will be produced and delivered to healthcare providers in the Central Military Hospital.

In her speech, Binya Horloo, a Khoton working at the Cutting and Sewing Workshop, where masks are produced, said, “We will contribute to our country’s fight against this terrible disease by manufacturing 1,000 masks a day in our workshop, which was built with the support of TİKA.”

Horloo said that she was happy to contribute to this fight, and expressed her gratitude to the Turkish people and TİKA on behalf of the Mongolian people.


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