23 November 2023

TİKA Supports Lebanon’s Public Television

The broadcast studio of Tele-Liban, Lebanon’s Public Television was renovated by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

TİKA renovated the studio and the waiting room in the historical building of Tele-Liban, Lebanon’s public television channel, located in Tallet El Khayat district.

The project’s opening ceremony was attended by Lebanon’s Minister of Information, Ziad Makary; Türkiye’s Ambassador to Beirut, Ali Barış Ulusoy; TİKA Beirut Office and Tele-Liban employees.

Lebanon’s Minister of Information Ziad Makary, who gave a speech at the opening ceremony, expressed their gratitude to the Republic of Türkiye for the project carried out by TİKA and also underlined that this project will bring the channel’s content and broadcast capacity to an advanced level.

Besides, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Beirut, Ali Barış Ulusoy, wished that the project would increase the influence of Tele-Liban, which is institutional evidence of Lebanon’s history and also wished all the employees of Tele-Liban success in the presence of Ziad Makary.

Tele-Liban, which was the first television channel in nearby countries and the Levant region in 1959 and the first channel to switch to color broadcast in the region, has a significant place in the Lebanese media sector due to its public broadcasting and being the official voice of the state. 

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