22 April 2022

TİKA Supports Gambian Female and Young Entrepreneurs

Female and young entrepreneurs supported by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) attended the 15th Trade Fair Gambia International, held in the Gambia from February 26 to March 27, 2022.

The Trade Fair Gambia International is the main trade fair for businesses in the Gambia to promote their products and services to the public and build a network. Entrepreneurs and other businesses display agricultural products and other natural products, herbal medicines, clothing items, and various other products and services at the fair.

In addition to 20 female and young entrepreneurs who started their businesses and engage in production activities in the Gambia, the Gambia Craft Market Federation, the National Beekeepers Association of the Gambia, and the tailoring department of the Crab Island Vocational and Technical Training Center, which was equipped by TİKA in 2021, attended the fair.

Isatou Touray, Vice President of the Gambia, visited the Trade Fair Gambia International and opened the booths supported by TİKA, together with Tolga Bermek, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Banjul. Vice President Isatou Touray delivered a short speech before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and stated that they wanted to benefit from Türkiye’s industrial experience and that she was greatly pleased with TİKA’s activities in the Gambia and was especially grateful to the Agency for its support for the Crab Island Vocational and Technical Training Center. Tolga Bermek, Türkiye’s Ambassador to Banjul, thanked TİKA for offering such an opportunity to Gambian female and young entrepreneurs.

TİKA aims to continue to support Female and Young Entrepreneurs in the Gambia.

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