25 December 2019

TİKA Supports Ecuador’s Sustainable Agricultural Development

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built and equipped four greenhouses for agroecological production in Manta, Pujilí, Guayaquil, and Quito, the capital of Ecuador, in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Plan “Toda Una Vida” of the Presidency of Ecuador.

Various activities are carried out in the field of social, cultural, economic production in the housing estates built by the Presidency of Ecuador as part of the National Development Plan. Several projects are implemented in order to increase employment and production in housing estates, which provide free housing to low-income families in Ecuador. Residents of the housing estates where the agroecological lands built and equipped by TİKA are located will consume the crops they will grow collectively, and sell the surplus to earn income.

Organic fruits and vegetables are grown in the greenhouses built for agroecological production. Families who live in absolute poverty will be able to start their own business and earn sustainable income by putting the organic crops grown in these greenhouses on the market. 200 people directly grow crops in the greenhouses built by TİKA, and more than 6600 people indirectly benefit from this production.

In her speech at the delivery ceremony in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, Turkey’s Ambassador to Quito Hatice Oya Tunga Çağlı said, We are proud to have an organization like TİKA, which carries out projects to create economic opportunities and improve living conditions all around the world. We will continue to improve our cooperation with the public authorities and non-governmental organizations in Ecuador in the areas needed.”

Underlining the importance of international cooperation, Secretary of the Plan “Toda Una Vida” Isabel Maldonado Vasco said, “Turkey wishes Ecuador and the world to become more prosperous and works towards this goal. Its support sets an example for us. We all try to make our country and the world more beautiful. Just like neighbors living in the same neighborhood and helping each other, we are pleased to improve our cooperation with all our neighbors around the world.”

Katern Espinosa, who grows crops in a greenhouse built by TİKA, expressed her feelings as follows: “I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Turkey. They gave us everything. They provided us with everything needed both inside and outside the greenhouse. I hope God will always help you greatly. The tomatoes and peppers we grow here are amazing! We have everything we need to grow vegetables in a suitable environment. All measures are taken to protect the crops from pests and the risk of branch and fruit drop. I am very happy here.”

Cleotilde Esperanza De La Cruz, another grower who benefits from the project, said, “We cannot thank you enough. We learn how to grow tomatoes, peppers, and various vegetables in this amazing place. The peppers we use in almost all of our dishes are grown here. Moreover, we have learned more about Turkey thanks to this project.”

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