26 June 2019

TİKA Supports Children with Serabral Palsy in Algeria

The "International Symposium on Cerebral Palsy" was held with the support of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) in El Oued, Algeria. Fifty wheelchairs specially designed for children with cerebral palsy were distributed to families at the symposium.

An international symposium on the what needs to be done regarding the treatment and education of children with cerebral palsy With the slogan "Our duty is to ensure the health and wellbeing of children" was held in El Oued, Algeria. The symposium was held with the joint initiative of various non-governmental organizations serving in Algeria, and experts made presentations on the topic to an audience of individuals from 12 different countries. The program, during which medical examinations were carried out for the children participating in the event with their families, lasted for 2 days.

During the ceremony, 50 wheelchairs, which were specially designed for children with cerebral palsy and which were procured by TİKA, were distributed to the families.

TİKA, which carries out important activities in the fields of restoration and local handicrafts along with the training of public personnel in Algeria, is also planning a support activity for children with autism.

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