21 October 2021

TİKA Support for Vocational Education in Montenegro

In cooperation with Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), the Turkish Ministry of National Education and Golubovci Vocational High School, educational equipment and material support were provided to the Golubovci Vocational High School in Podgorica. Also, with the participation of school students and hairdressers in the city, “Basic Hairdressing Training” course was held.

The training program was organized to improve the vocational and technical education capacity at Golubovci Vocational High School and to contribute to the development of the hairdressing department by transferring experience, technical information, and skills for vocational and technical education. Within the scope of the program, a two-week "Basic Hairdressing Training" course was held for a group of 35 trainees consisting of Golubovci Vocational High School students and hairdressers.

In training, theoretical and practical information was held by the Ministry of National Education experts on hair parting techniques, cutting the separated hair strands, highlighting, hair washing, tong techniques, applying ombre to hair, blow-drying techniques in hair styling.

Drazen Boriçiç, the principal of the Golubovci Vocational High School, where the training was held, expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with TİKA and emphasized that thanks to the hairdressing equipment and material support provided by Agency, school students will now be able to get a better education. On behalf of the school administration, Boriçiç thanked TİKA and Turkey for their support.

The principal Boriçiç stated that they want to carry out similar projects for the students studying in the waitering and cookery departments and expressed that they wished to continue cooperating with TİKA.

TİKA has carried out more than 400 projects since its inception in Montenegro in 2007 and implemented 110 projects for education, which is one of the most critical fields.

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