26 July 2018

TİKA Started the Renovation of a Hospital in Romania that will Serve 150 Thousand People

Romania Medgidia Hospital’s Polyclinic Division is being renovated by TİKA

In order to provide all portions of the society with access to modern healthcare in Romania and to improve the medical opportunities available to future generations, TİKA carries out projects for the renovation and construction of health centers and facilities as well as for the provision of modern equipment and technology.

TİKA is carrying out the renovations of the Medgidia Hospital’s Polyclinic Division, which will serve around 150 thousand people living in and around Medgidia city of Romania’s Constanta County, named after Sultan Abdulmejid as it was founded upon his edict.

Medgidia Municipal Hospital, which was opened in 1965, had no renovations or maintenance work done for the last 45 years, and as a result, it was closed in 2015 by the Romanian Ministry of Health as the inspections revealed that it was in violation of the regulations. The hospital was given a duration of 2 years to complete the necessary modernization operations. Afterwards, the Municipal administration applied to European Union funding for the modernization of the hospital and the tender was completed with the grant that was provided. However, the company with the winning bid stopped its operations after the entrance and the outpatient (polyclinic) divisions of the hospital were demolished.

The renovation work for the Medgidia Hospital’s Polyclinic Division, which laid in ruins and remained idle since that day, was started following the tender that was completed by TİKA.

With the project, in addition to the examination sections that will be located in the Medgidia Municipal Hospital’s Polyclinic division, there will be radiology, medical imaging, physical and medical rehabilitation laboratory, medical analysis laboratory units and a pharmacy.

Once the renovation is completed, approximately 150,000 people living in the nearby settlements, especially 50,000 people living in the city of Medgidia, which is situated 45 kilometers away from the nearest provincial center Constanta, will have access to a higher quality and higher capacity healthcare.

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