30 July 2021

TİKA's Support to Young People's Interest in Photography in Georgia

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The participants of the "I Love Photography" project, which was organized in Georgia with the cooperation of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Platform for Change Association, produced their first artwork.

The photographs of 30 Azerbaijani attendees were displayed in the exhibit, which took place in the yard of the Aşık Kamandar Museum, founded with the support of TİKA in the city of Marneuli.

The exhibit, which consisted of 50 photographs with the themes "Woman" and "Nature", was attended by Fatma Ceren Yazgan, Ambassador of Turkey to Tbilisi; Natela Grigalaşvili, a famous photographer; Gülenay Pınarbaşı, an esteemed author; and Zeliha Eliaçık, a researcher.

The attendees were planted with the love of art as well as being taught about different perspectives in this photography training provided by Natela Grigalaşvili, a famous photographer, as part of the project that has been carried out in order to help the Azerbaijani youth in the region socialize, find employment and become integrated into society.

Following the exhibit, a concert was given by Aşık Nargile and his companions in the museum's yard.

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