26 May 2021

TİKA's Support for Educational Infrastructure in Ecuador

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) built four classrooms for two educational institutions in the Nanegalito district of Ecuador.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, TİKA built a total of four classrooms, two each in the “San Francisco de Quito” and “Teniente Hugo Ortiz” schools, as part of the project carried out in Nanegalito, northwest of Quito.

The new classrooms will be put into service starting from the next semester, which have been built in the Teniente Hugo Ortiz school of 192 students and the San Francisco de Quito school of 266 students, in order to provide quality education for the students and improve the educational infrastructure in the Nanegalito district of Quito.

Having attended the ceremony, Hatice Oya Tunga Çağlı, Ambassador of Turkey in Quito, said: “Our good relations with Ecuador are now improving thanks to the projects carried out by TİKA. We're really happy about the close cooperation that we're in with the Ecuadorian officials through tangible projects in education. The renovation of the Teniente Hugo Ortiz and the San Francisco de Quito schools in Nanegalito is the latest example of these projects. We'll continue our cooperation and we'll show solidarity for the people of Ecuador, our friendly nation.”

Andrés Chiriboga, the Deputy Minister of Education Management who attended the ceremony on behalf of the Ecuador Ministry of Education, expressed his gratitude for the support and said: “This support will facilitate the access to the school system for the children in Nanegalito and help the children from rural areas receive education somewhere closer to their homes rather than walking to another school kilometers away. This support also will strengthen the good relations between the governments of Ecuador and Turkey.”

In his speech at the ceremony, Eder Danilo Cadena Enríquez, the Principal of the Teniente Hugo Ortiz School, said: “The Teniente Hugo Ortiz School provides education for more than 200 students in Palmitopamba and the surrounding areas. Thanks to the new classrooms, the dream of the teachers, students and parents to provide sufficient infrastructure for the pre-school, elementary school and high school students has come true.”

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