01 December 2022

TİKA's Digital Manufacturing Laboratory in Bangladesh

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) established a digital production laboratory at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT) in the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

The official inauguration of the laboratory was held with the participation of the Turkish Ambassador, Mustafa Osman Turan, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, Shabbir Ahmad Chowdhury, university administration, and TİKA officials.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chowdhury expressed their gratitude to the Turkish government and people for providing significant assistance in education and other service sectors in their country. Chowdhury said they hope that the technical knowledge obtained by the students in this laboratory will contribute to the improvement of science and technology in the region as a whole. Mentioning the fellowship relations between the two countries, Chowdhury added that the bilateral relations would be strengthened further in the coming period with such support offered by Türkiye.

Ambassador Turan also said that the laboratory would enable students to combine their knowledge with practical and technical skills and make them more competitive in the business market. Highlighting the importance of creative engineers for the improvement of a nation, Turan stated that young people in Muslim countries have a lot of potential for innovation and that this laboratory would help them expand their knowledge. Referring to the branding of the laboratory established by TİKA as “Cezeri Lab” which carries the name of El Cezeri who was a Turkish mechanical technology and robotic scientist who lived in the 13th century, Turan said, “The consideration that the western people pioneered in technology and invention is wrong. When we look at history, we see numerous inventions made by Muslim scientists like İsmail El Cezeri in the 13th century.

Stating that students from 21 different countries would get practical knowledge from this laboratory and extend it throughout their countries, Prof. Anayet Ullah Patwari continued, “The students of mechanics, electric, construction, architecture, and CSE (Computer Science and Engineering) will complete their applied studies here. They can also complete a joint project from this laboratory.”

Abdul Magid, a Gambian student studying at the university, said, “We hope that we will be able to sharpen our practical and theoretical knowledge with the help of this laboratory.”

As a part of the project, theoretical and practical training regarding the use of the laboratory for academicians and students was organized as well as the delivery of 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, and other equipment by TİKA.

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