24 June 2013

TİKA Resumes Supporting Disabled People

TİKA Resumes Supporting Disabled People

One of the non-governmental organizations in Dushanbe, Tajikistan İmkoniyat Handicapped Union’s roof is repaired by Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency.

İmkoniyat Handicapped Union’s roof caused heating and leaking problems in winter because it was very old. In this context, the aforementioned building’s roof of 400 meter squares is repaired by TIKA. The opening of the renovated building is planned to be held in 8th July the World Disabled Day.

7 thousand disabled people are registered in İmkoniyat Handicapped Union which was founded in 1989 in Dushanbe to protect the rights of disabled.

Children of the families with limited opportunities attend activities and courses in this institution since 1990’s. İmkoniyat Handicapped Union aims to contribute to the development of physical, emotional, and social skills and behaviors and teaching new skills and information to the individuals, to protect the rights of persons with disabilities and provide support in all matters.

For this purpose English, Russian, accounting, sewing, make-up, cooking and other courses are given in the aforementioned building. Among the international aid agencies, UN and JİCA continue to support İmkoniyat Handicapped Union. Various courses and seminars are organized by the aforementioned institutions to prepare the disabled to adapt to social life, have a profession and live without any obstacles.

In this context TIKA has made a great contribution by repairing İmkoniyat Handicapped Union’s roof for the disabled to resume their education in a warm and happy environment. TIKA’s support was welcomed by the administrators of the aforementioned union.

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