28 September 2018

TİKA Provides Vocational Training for Libyan Teachers

The Libyan teacher delegation consisting of 12 teachers from different professions started to receive vocational training in Istanbul under the cooperation of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Turkish Embassy in Tripoli and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Libyan teacher delegation consists of teachers working at “Medresetu'l Fünun ve's-Sanayii' el-İslamii” – Tripoli Islamic Handicrafts and Artisanship Vocational School” built in 1898 during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamit II in Tripoli. İSMEK instructors will provide trainings in various branches at different course centers until Friday to increase their professional capacity and allow them to improve themselves.

Teachers coming to the city within the scope of the vocational trainings received “Jewelry” training in Metal Processing (Gold and Silver Ornament) branch in İSMEK Design and Production Center in Fatih and “Leather Decoration-Accessories” training in Leather Processing branch in İSMEK course center in Üsküdar Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi District. Trainings of the delegation will continue in different branches at various training centers until Friday.

We were even surprised at what we could do in two days

Libyan teacher Salah Farac Ebu Galiye who receives “Jewelry” training in Metal Processing (Gold and Silver Ornament) branch in İSMEK Design and Production Center in Fatih said the trainings in Libya are nothing like the ones in Turkey and added, “We would like the training to last longer. We were even surprised at what we could do in two days. We could have benefited more if the training had been longer, it was just an experience for us as it was short. We would like to come for longer trainings.” Thanking TİKA, Tripoli Municipality, IMM, and İSMEK for giving this opportunity, Ebu Galiye stated that they would like the training period to be extended and they want to participate in new trainings. Stating that they made necklace and ring in two days, Ebu Galiye said, “It was a good opportunity for me, but I could give more information to students if the training was longer.” Celal Şuşen also stated that they want the training period to be extended and said, “We would like to get a more comprehensive, longer education and give that education to our students.”

Muhammed El-Acemi Ibrahim, who studied at İSMEK Turkish Islamic Arts Center in Fatih, pointed out that it is a beautiful organization and said, “We want the training to last longer to benefit more, but we are trying to make the most of it in this short time. We can find everything here, but we have limited material and the environment is troublesome in our country. The trainings are more convenient, and they are given by more experienced people here. We can gain a better experience if the training lasts for 3-4 months, and we can transfer this experience to Libya.”

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