13 September 2017

TİKA Provides Support for Women Entrepreneurs in Chile

As a part of TİKA’s Project for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs, 5.000 women were given equipment support in Linares and San Javier municipalities, located in Chile’s Maule region.

TİKA provided equipment support of various kinds for 5.000 women as a part of the Project for Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Linares and San Javier municipalities located in the Maule region of Chile. A ceremony was held to hand over the equipment to the beneficiaries. Among the participants were Turkey’s Ambassador to Santiago, Naciye Gökçen Kaya; Vice President of TİKA Prof. Dr. Birol Çetin; Member of the Parliament and the Head of the Chile-Turkey Friendship Group Romilio Gutierrez.

During the handover ceremony, Turkey’s Ambassador to Santiago Naciye Gökçen Kaya expressed that TİKA’s support is a manifestation of the lasting friendship between the two countries. Vice President of TİKA Prof. Dr. Çetin stated that TİKA has been active in Latin America since 2012 and is operating in almost every country in the region with its two regional offices in Mexico and Colombia. In his speech, Çetin also told that projects will increasingly continue in order to improve cooperation with Chile. Member of the Parliament from Linares and Head of the Chile-Turkey Friendship Group Romilio Gutierrez thanked the Turkish people for their kind support.

Business Dinner in Honor of Palestine’s Ambassadors to Latin America

A business dinner in honor of Palestine’s Ambassadors to Latin America was organized in Santiago, Chile. Turkey’s Ambassador to Santiago Naciye Gökçen Kaya, Vice President of TİKA, Palestine’s Ambassadors to Latin America, Palestine Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director-General of Latin America and the Caribbean Hanna Jarrar and the President of the Palestine International Cooperation Agency (PICA) Imad Al Zuhairy were present at the dinner.

At the dinner, Vice President of TİKA Prof. Dr. Birol Çetin said that cooperation in Latin America with Palestine and Palestinians, and TİKA is looking for opportunities to further improve its efforts. Palestine’s Ambassador to Brazil İbrahim Alzaben expressed that they would be pleased to cooperate with TİKA in Brazil and they are ready to give all kinds of support for this end.

Visit to Turkey – Chile Friendship Fire Station

Turkey’s Ambassador to Santiago Naciye Gökçen Kaya and Vice President of TİKA Prof. Dr. Birol Çetin paid a visit to Chile Turkey Friendship Fire Station which is located in the town of Quilicura. In here a ceremony was held for the handover of a fully-equipped fire extinguishing vehicle which was donated by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs.

During the ceremony, Ambassador Kaya pointed out that the donation is significant to showcase the friendship between Chile and Turkey. Stationmaster Roberto Alvarez expressed his gratitude for the generous support given by Turkey. Fireman Oliver Naira said that he was able to escape a chemical explosion unharmed thanks to the firefighter uniform that TİKA donated last year.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk School and Turkish Language and Culture Project

TİKA reconditions Mustafa Kemal Atatürk School in Santiago. The school is one of the cooperation projects in Chile executed by Turkey, and the teaching of the Turkish language and culture in there are yielding positive results in the fight against FETÖ. Ambassador Kaya expressed that thanks to the cooperation of Turkey and Chile, FETÖ is in retreat. Principal of Atatürk School Javier Vega stated that although there are many schools of foreign nations, the most comprehensive educational programs are made by the official authorities from Turkey and therefore they are grateful for the generosity of Turkey.

Santiago As Salam Mosque and St. Jorge Orthodox Church Business Visit

Vice President of TİKA Çetin, with TİKA delegation; visited As Salam Mosque affiliated by the Chile Islam Association. In here Vice President Çetin discussed with Association’s Secretary-General Kemal Sufan and Under Secretary-General Muhammed Rumi about the urgent needs of the mosque and the living conditions of the Muslim population in Chile. After that Çetin made a visit to St. Jorge Orthodox Church and in there he met Chile Metropolitan Sergio Abad and priest George Abad and discussed about the problems of the Orthodox population originating from the Middle East and listened to the requests of the Christian population. Chile Metropolitan Sergio Abad stated that he was educated in Halki Seminary and is following the developments in Turkey and he congratulated TİKA for its successful project implementations in Chile.

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