25 May 2021

TİKA Provides Support for the Turkology Department of the University of Zagreb

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) renovated the lecture hall located in the Turkology Department at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

In his speech during the inauguration ceremony, TİKA’s Zagreb Coordinator Sedef Bulut said that this Turkology lecture hall, which had been completed last year but would be put into service in the upcoming semester due to the pandemic, was one of the three lecture halls that were renovated within the faculty and that those two lecture halls were also planned as part of the TİKA project.

Having underlined that technical support was also provided for the renovated lecture hall and that it would serve the entire faculty and not just the Turkology department, Bulut stated that TİKA has been carrying out projects all over the world in every sector and that the educational projects were even more valuable since they were directed towards the young people and therefore the future. 

Miljenko Jurkovic, the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, underlined that TİKA completely renovated the lecture hall to be used by the students and that the Turkology department was a very important department at the faculty for them which had been created out of nothing.

Azra Abadzic Navaey, the Head of the Turkology Department, reminded that TİKA had carried out important educational projects and that they had the opportunity to visit Turkey in cooperation with TİKA in 2019 and investigated the studies of the Turkish Literature and Language departments in the country, concluding her speech in Turkish by saying: "We're grateful towards TİKA and their representatives for standing by us here today and for carrying out this precious project."

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