26 August 2022

TİKA Provides Food to 500 War-Stricken Families in Ukraine

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) distributed food parcels to 500 war-stricken families in the district of Hostomel in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Food parcels were delivered to families in need at the distribution event held at the Humanitarian Aid Center in Hostomel. The center also delivered food parcels to the houses of the elderly people, people with disabilities, and veterans who could not attend the event.

Hostomel is one of the most damaged districts in Kyiv as a result of the war in Ukraine, which began in February 24, 2022. Many of the buildings in the district were destroyed in the attacks. Due to the destruction of the social and commercial infrastructure, local people have difficulty in meeting their basic needs. War victims who are able to return to their homes are living in temporary shelters. There are nearly 3,000 families in need of humanitarian aid in the town of Hostomel and the district of Hostomel, which consists of the villages of Horianka, Moschun, and Ozera. Nearly 500 families who took refuge in Hostomel due to the ongoing war in the east live in schools and in the houses of their friends and relatives.

The delivery event held by TİKA was attended by Leonid Vintseviç, Deputy Mayor of Hostomel; Veronika Ishchenko, Coordinator in the Department of Humanitarian Aid Distribution at the Humanitarian Aid Center in Hostomel; and Cüneyt Esmer, TİKA’s Program Coordinator in Ukraine.

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