08 June 2021

TİKA Provides Fire Brigade Training in Montenegro

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) has provided a “Basic Fire Brigade Training” in Montenegro within the framework of the Emergency and Disaster Response Training Program (ADAMEP).

Developed by TİKA in cooperation with the Fire Brigade Department of the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, “Basic Fire Brigade Training” was provided to a total of 20 fire-rescue personnel working in the municipalities of Gusinje, Plav, Berane and Žabljak of Montenegro.

The six-day training program consisted of theoretical training sessions on fire response, search and rescue, traffic accident response, first aid, and occupational safety. At the end of the theoretical training, a drill session, supervised by expert trainers, was organized. In addition, the delegation, which was in Montenegro at the time of the training sessions, paid a courtesy visit to the Mayors of Plav, Gusinje and Berane, and conducted a technical analysis in the fire brigade departments of these municipalities.

Montenegrin firefighters, who successfully completed the six-day theoretical training and drill session, were presented with a certificate at the ceremony held at Gusinje Municipal Council. In her speech at the certificate ceremony, Mayor Anela Čekić of Gusinje stated that TİKA had previously provided equipment and gear to the Fire Brigade Department of Gusinje Municipality and that this training was of complementary nature to the previous project in this respect. Extending her thanks to TİKA and the Fire Brigade Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality for this project, Čekić further mentioned that they wanted to continue their cooperation with TİKA as Gusinje Municipality in different sectors.

Latif Erdoğan, Head of the Fire Brigade Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, congratulated all the participants for their progress and efforts during the challenging six-day training program, consisting of theoretical and practical training, and also thanked TİKA for organizing such a program.

Speaking at the ceremony, Abdurrahman Toprak, TİKA’s Podgorica Program Coordinator, stated that TİKA has carried out more than 400 projects in various sectors such as agriculture, health, and education in Montenegro since 2007, and added that they have attached the utmost importance to projects aimed at improving the capacity of public institutions and increasing cooperation between the two countries. Toprak, adding that they wanted to provide the same training to firefighters working in other municipalities, extended his thanks to the firefighters who participated in the training.

Within the framework of the Emergency and Disaster Response Training Program (ADAMEP), which aims to increase the human resource capacity of the cooperating countries against disaster and emergencies, TİKA plans to continue providing theoretical and practical training for different occupational groups.

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