13 February 2020

TİKA Provides Employment Opportunities in Agriculture to Guinean Women

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) helps women earn side income by providing 8 hectares of fertile land for vegetable production in the region of Dubréka, which is 2 hours from Conakry, the capital of Guinea. 330,000 people live in Dubréka, and 80% of this population is dependent on agriculture for livelihood.

Eggplant, pepper, and okra will be grown on 8 hectares of land. Thanks to perennial irrigation and spraying methods, farmers will be able to harvest 3 times a year, and thus, nearly 40 tons of eggplant, pepper, and okra will be harvested.

In terms of income, the project is estimated to generate a total of income of € 20,000 each year and contribute € 350 to the budget of 60 families.

M’mah Soumah, one of the beneficiaries of TİKA’s project, said, “We grow rice in the rainy season; however, we could only grow vegetables on a small scale in the remaining 7 months due to impossibilities, and the yield was low. TİKA has supplied agricultural equipment, seeds, and fertilizers and built an irrigation system to enable us to grow eggplant, pepper, and okra on 8 hectares of land. Now, we will harvest and sell tons of products. Vegetables bring in more money.”


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