13 April 2021

TİKA Provides Agricultural Support to Families in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provides agricultural production support to 500 families in need of economic support who live in the Tuzla, Una Sana, Zenica-Doboj, and Central Bosnia Cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Due to the extreme measures taken against the coronavirus, which has had an increasingly negative impact on many countries around the world for more than one year, the manufacturers that are the backbone of the economy do not receive enough support, which causes their businesses to halt production or shut down. In addition to the impact of the virus on human health, a lot of families have seen a serious decrease in their level of income due to the damage caused by the virus on the manufacturing sector.

Thanks to the “Agricultural Support Project” carried out as part of the "Food and Life Safety Support Program in the Balkans and Eastern European Countries" which has been implemented since 2017, TİKA sent support packages before spring planting to a total of 500 families in need economic support who live in the rural areas of the Tuzla, Una Sana, Zenica-Doboj and Central Bosnia Cantons of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In order to provide an opportunity to the families who live in rural areas, where economic distress is more severely perceived, so that they can carry out agricultural production in their own lands particularly for their own consumption, they were provided with seeds, fertilizer, and equipment with the “Agricultural Support Project” conducted by TİKA.

Furthermore, as part of the project, they were informed via local collaborating institutions on the subjects that they need in order to carry out their agricultural activities without interruptions as well as on the importance of the support of the families to the production and food chain in the critically essential agricultural sector.

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