21 December 2020

TİKA Provided Thermal Imaging Cameras to the International Airport in Colombia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided two sets of Turkish-made thermal imaging cameras to Rafael Nuñez Cartagena de Indias International Airport in cooperation with the Governorship of Bolívar in order to implement the biosecurity protocols and measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect a body temperature above 37°C without physical contact through a high-precision facial recognition system. The purpose of the system installed is to strengthen the biosecurity protocols in line with the directives of the national Government and to meet the necessary health and safety standards to boost the tourism industry, which is the main source of income in the city.

At the delivery ceremony held for the cameras, Vicente Antonio Blel Scaff, Governor of Bolívar, thanked the Government of the Republic of Turkey for the support they provided. Scaff said, “Infrared cameras will allow us to measure the body temperature of all our passengers at the main airport of the Caribbean region. They will help us continue to save lives in Bolívar Department.”

Stressing the importance of improving cooperation in the region, Jorge Villamizar de Lavalle, Turkey’s Honorary Consul in Cartagena, said, “The thermal imaging system installed at Rafael Nuñez Airport is an important step in health and safety management. It is of great importance to be able to detect infected individuals early. I believe that Turkish-made thermal imaging systems can be widely used in our region.”

The 3 thermal camera sets provided by TİKA in early 2020 to increase the capacity of preventive health measures in Colombia are currently being used at the Presidential Palace of Colombia, the Governorship of Chocó Department, and the service buildings of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia.

As Colombia’s touristic, historical, and cultural symbol, Cartagena is the city with the highest tourism revenue and the largest number of international visitors. Named after Rafael Nuñez, former president of Colombia and the author of the Colombian national anthem, Cartagena Rafael Nuñez Airport is one of the three busiest and most important airports in the country.


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