19 October 2022

TİKA provided the Women’s Education Centre in Lebanon with Equipment and Courses

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided the Makassed Women and Youth Empowerment Centre in Beirut, the capital, with equipment.

Ali Barış Ulusoy, The Türkiye’s Ambassador to Beirut participated in the opening ceremony of the project together with Orhan Aydın, TİKA’s Lebanon Coordinator, İmad İtani, Vice President of Makassed, one of the deep-rooted NGOs in Lebanon and representatives from the same foundation. During the opening ceremony, women who completed the professional training program supported by TİKA were given certificates.  

“Cooking and needlework trainings were given”

TİKA’s Coordinator, Aydın made a statement after the ceremony and said, “Ward El Makassed for Women and Youth Empowerment Centre was established by Makassed, one of the most deep-rooted foundations in Lebanon. TİKA organized cooking and needlework trainings for Syrian and Palestinian women at this centre, which was provided with various kitchen utensils as well as sewing machines and other materials required for the training.”  

Aydın indicated that 43 women completed the needlework training in Phase 1 of the project and added, “The trainings aimed at 80 women are continuing. The plan is to offer trainings to around one thousand women and young people at this centre.”

Aydın said that 150 families in need were served 3 meals a day by the kitchen opened within the framework of the project.

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