13 April 2023

TİKA President Kayalar: "International Cooperation in Natural Disasters Has Become Very Valuable"

President of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA), Serkan Kayalar attended the International Cooperation and Solidarity in Natural Disasters Panel organized at the Presidency of Communications. Speaking here, Kayalar noted that international cooperation in natural disasters has become very valuable.

International Cooperation and Solidarity in Natural Disasters Panel was held at the Conference Hall of the Directorate of Communication.

Delivering the opening speech of the panel, Fahrettin Altun, Director of Communications, reminded that Türkiye experienced the earthquakes on February 6, which were described as the "disaster of the century" and one of the largest in world history, and stated that more than 50 thousand people lost their lives, more than 313 thousand buildings and 893 thousand independent sections became unusable in these disasters affecting 11 provinces.

Wishing Allah's mercy to those who lost their lives and condolences to their relatives and the Turkish nation, Altun expressed that as the state, they have been with the people in the earthquake region with a fast and effective coordination from the first moments of the earthquake.

Noting that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan personally coordinated the response and relief activities after the disaster from the very beginning, Altun said that non-governmental organizations and public institutions especially AFAD, Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish Red Crescent and health personnel, as well as the nation have fully mobilized.


"International cooperation in natural disasters has become invaluable"

TİKA President Serkan Kayalar started his speech at the panel by wishing God's mercy to the citizens who lost their lives in the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes that occurred on February 6 and speedy recovery to the injured.

Stating that international cooperation has become very valuable in natural disasters, Kayalar said: "Our country continues to build capacity with all its institutions, especially since the early 2000s, and shares its experience with friendly and brotherly countries through TİKA and similar institutions. Leaving its 30th year behind, TİKA, which has 62 offices in 60 countries, contributes to the international humanitarian diplomacy of our country with its projects and activities in the field of development cooperation."

Regarding TİKA's humanitarian assistance in natural disasters abroad, Kayalar said, "In the past years, in natural disasters in many countries such as Mexico, Albania, Serbia, South Sudan, Mongolia, Tanzania, Cambodia, Colombia and Pakistan, Türkiye acted with a sense of humanitarian responsibility and was the first country to extend a helping hand even in a remote geography such as Haiti."


"Our country has turned to a rare international solidarity in healing the earthquake wounds"

Stating that the aid activities in different geographies have made Türkiye the conscience of the world, Kayalar said, "So much so that these valuable efforts have not gone unrequited in one dimension. It has turned into a rare international solidarity in healing the earthquake wounds of our country. Our country's call for international aid was responded by more than 100 countries, and from the very first moment, a tremendous cooperation and solidarity was demonstrated with rescue and humanitarian aid activities."

Stating that there are valuable stories behind the aids delivered to Türkiye, Kayalar emphasized that these aids are very meaningful as a sign of friendship in difficult days. Kayalar said that behind these aids, it can be seen how effective Türkiye's running to geographies in need for years without saying "little or much" is.

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