21 March 2022

TİKA Organizes a Training Program for the Members of the Judiciary of North Macedonia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized the training program “Administration of Justice, Human Trafficking, and Refugee Law” for the members of the judiciary of North Macedonia in cooperation with the Turkish Justice Academy.

As part of the program, 25 judges and prosecutors were trained on various topics, including the legal regulations and practices to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the administration of justice and facilitation of access to justice in Turkey, international law on human trafficking, Turkey’s experience in combatting human trafficking, international refugee law, and the rights granted to refugee in Turkish law.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Dr. Rahman Nurdun, TİKA’s Vice President, stressed the importance of the legal and judicial field and said that they were happy to contribute to the improvement of the services in these fields. Dr. Rahman Nurdun noted that they have organized training and experience sharing programs and held regional colloquia in cooperation with the Turkish Justice Academy since 2009. He added that they have trained more than 2100 judges and prosecutors and enabled the sharing of experience in the judicial field through 115 training programs. 

Muhittin Özdemir, President of the Turkish Justice Academy, stated that they attached importance to cooperation with friendly nations with which we have a common culture, that they continued to train judges, prosecutors, and other legal professionals in various countries, especially in the Balkans, Central Asia, and Africa, and that the historical friendly ties between our country and the Republic of North Macedonia would be reinforced through these training programs.

Prof. Dr. Sc. Natasha Gaber Damjanovska, Director of the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors in North Macedonia, stated that she was happy to be at the Turkish Justice Academy. She said, “There was an evident need to monitor and strengthen the existing cooperation with Justice Academy of Turkey in the legal and judiciary field in line with common values and principles.”

Salih Murat, former President of the Constitutional Court of North Macedonia, stated that the training programs to be organized will pave the way for young lawyers, and that the training program “Administration of Justice, Human Trafficking, and Refugee Law,” which was launched by TİKA, Justice Academy of Turkey, and the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors in North Macedonia, would be very helpful.

The 3-day training program organized for judges and prosecutors included training and experience sharing activities on various topics. It is intended to organize various training programs for judges and prosecutors within the scope of the cooperation between the two institutions.

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