26 September 2022

TİKA Organized A Basic Firefighting Training In North Macedonia

TİKA Organized A Basic Firefighting Training In North Macedonia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) organized a certificate distribution ceremony following the basic firefighting training in Skopje, North Macedonia.

21 firefighters participated in the basic firefighting training jointly organized by TİKA, Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Skopje Metropolitan Municipality between September 12 and 16, 2022 within the scope of the Emergency and Disaster Intervention Training Program (ADAMEP). During the five-day training, the participants were given theoretical knowledge about firefighting, search and rescue, post-accident response, first aid and occupational safety. A drill is carried under the supervision of specialised trainers, too.  

Certificates presented to the firefighters completing training

The firefighters who participated in the training were given certificates at the ceremony organized at the Fire and Rescue Training Centre in Skopje. The representatives from Turkish Embassy in Skopje, Skopje Municipality, and Turkish institutions and organizations in the country participated in the ceremony. Halim Ömer Söğüt, TİKA’s Skopje Coordinator, delivered a speech at the ceremony and indicated that TİKA is carrying out a wide array of activities in North Macedonia, including infrastructure, culture, education, and restoration.  

7th training organized with TİKA’s support

Cevdet İşbitirici, Head of the Fire Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, stated that this is the seventh firefighting training organized by Konya Metropolitan Municipality with TİKA’s support. Zvonko Tomveski, Chief Fire Officer at Skopje Municipality said they welcome the activities that encourage the sharing of experience and knowledge.

Thanks Extended to Konya Metropolitan Municipality

Zoran Gligorov, Secretary General of Skopje Municipality said he is proud to be together with people who sacrifice their lives to protect other people’s lives and property. Gligorov offered his thanks to Konya Metropolitan Municipality for donating a fire engine to Skopje.

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