19 September 2019

TİKA Opens a Technology Center in Kyrgyzstan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) inaugurated the Innovation, Digital Technology, and Economic Research Center (IDTEAM) which it established in the rectorate building of Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn (KNU), the most deeply rooted university in Kyrgyzstan. 

IDTEAM, which was contributed to the university by TİKA, was put into service with a ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the Rector of the Kyrgyz National University Kanat Sadykov, Turkey's Ambassador to Bishkek Cengiz Kamil Fırat, Education Counselor Harun Karcı, TRNC Representative to Bishkek Atınç Keskin, TİKA's Bishkek Coordinator Ali Muslu, Director of the National Library Jyldyz Bakashova, and the Rector of KTMU (Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University) Dr. Sabahattin Balcı, along with other invited guests.

TİKA equipped the Innovation, Digital Technology, and Economic Research Center with 28 computers, a large screen, an audio and video system, a lectern, tables, cabinets, and chairs. During his speech at the ceremony, Rector of the University Sadykov thanked TİKA and the Turkish Embassy for their support in promoting the development of the university. Sadykov highlighted that TİKA made it possible for video conferences to be held with members of the senate and faculty members.

– "The most important factor for the development of a country is education."

Ambassador Fırat expressed they were delighted to gift such a pleasant hall to the Kyrgyz National University and added the following: "The most important factor for the development of a country is education. Turkey has provided educational support to Kyrgyzstan for the past 28 years. The valuable hall that we are inaugurating today demonstrated that Turkey continues to support Kyrgyzstan." Fırat thanked TİKA's Bishkek Coordinator Muslu and his team. During the event in which live video conferences were held with the relevant individuals in Ankara and Istanbul, a Kyrgyz Kalpak was placed on the heads of the Ambassador and TİKA's Bishkek Coordinator and they were gifted an album with photos of nature. 

TİKA had previously established a Turkish Culture Center at the university and had provided equipment support to the laboratories of the faculties of chemistry, physics, and biology. The year 2019 had been declared the "Year of Regional Development and Digitalization" in Kyrgyzstan.

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