11 September 2015

TIKA Opens a School in Palestine Every Year

TIKA Opens a School in Palestine Every Year

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) President Dr. Serdar Çam and accompanying delegations that were in Palestine to form various contacts and participate in openings completed their first day of contacts in Palestine. TIKA President Dr. Serdar Çam making a statement about contacts in Palestine said that TIKA opens a school in Palestine every year.  

TIKA President Dr. Serdar Çam visiting to Jerusalem to form various contacts and participate in an opening ceremony of a school built in Nablus stated that he was very glad to contribute Mr. Pakdil to visit to Jerusalem and he added: “The hope for Turkey cherished in the Master’s heart to bring peace here is both a good news and a task for youths. It is a message for us and the next generation.”
Mr. Çam stated: “We should behave taking full account of this task. There are so many thesis here performed by Turkey. Existence and development of Palestinians and Palestine are and will be a guarantee of peace for all countries including Israel. It is not an offer of just Turks and Muslims in a confined area; is a justice message for peace at all points.”
Stating that they think a master like Nuri Pakdil, who has Palestine in his heart all the time and serves for Palestine and instills love of Jerusalem and Al-Masjid al-Aqsa to youths, should be in Jerusalem, Mr. Çam said: “The first offer was made by former Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Efkan Ala when he and I, as a former undersecretary, together came to Jerusalem a few years ago. He offered again a few months ago that it would be so meaningful if the master came here. The master accepted our offer with great happiness when we made an offer to him on the occasion of the opening. It is such a big honor for me to make openings here with him.”

Palestinians have dibs on us

Expressing that Palestinians in general, especially Palestinians living near Al-Masjid al-Aqsa, Jerusalem have an important task, and he continued his words: “Palestinians protect this area and stand out against all kind of distresses on behalf of almost two billion Muslims. So they have dibs on us. We should show our gratefulness to them. It is so important to visit here for various opportunities and to make Jerusalem one of the most special spiritual centers in the world with our increasing visits. Especially, the last attacks against al-Masjid al-Aqsa and previous inappropriate cases gave a deep shock to all Muslims and mostly those in Turkey. And these cases gave them a desire to visit and protect their own holly place. In this sense, the visit of the master will give a symbolic message to the world.”
Underlining that the general atmosphere of the city which members of three religious have lived together for four years in peace cannot be destroyed, Mr. Çam also said: “it is so important that all kind of offensiveness should be eliminated and peacemaking activities done by Ottomans, our ancestors, should be reflected.”

Expressing that the cure for peace and tranquility in the region is hidden in Turkey, Mr. Çam also said: “The value coming from Central Asia was reflected to Anatolia and transferred everywhere in a good way. It is important to pay attention to words of Turkey, Turkish Government in Ankara and our authorities to establish peace and tranquility here again. Our authorities, especially our President and Prime Minister, put their signatures under lots of projects by way of TIKA.”
Stating that TIKA opens a school in Palestine almost every year, Mr. Çam told that they have built and put into service 10 schools till now. And he added: “We make projects to fulfill all needs of a baby from birth till death such as education, health, culture-art, development, animal breeding, agriculture and career. Surely when we say Palestine, all regions and all cities have their own different challenges. Different challenges in West Bank, different challenges in Gaza… Especially after 2 thousand and 200 hundreds martyrs with the last Israel attack, there are big crises there. Turkey is in a struggle for reducing these problems. Turkey, within the bounds of possibilities, is in a struggle for fulfilling fuel and energy need, treat casualties, and fulfill people’s need in downswing. Unfortunately, the whole world remains insensitive although several commitments are made. In a manner of speaking, burden in Turkey’s shoulders gets bigger.”
TIKA President Dr. Serdar Çam: “God gave a plentiful land here. There is a Palestinian folk who remains strong and struggles with patience and hope despite of all kind of sorrows.” Contacts of TIKA President Dr. Serdar Çam and accompanying delegations will continue.  

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