02 October 2023

TİKA Opened "Sensory Perception Room" in North Macedonia

The "Sensory Perception Room"' was inaugurated in a school located in Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia, by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA).

The Vice President of TİKA, Dr Mahmut Çevik; TİKA's Coordinator in Skopje, Mehmet Bayrak; Skopje's Centar Municipality Mayor, Goran Gerasimovski; school administrators and teachers were present at the opening ceremony of the special room in Kiro Gligorov Elementary School located in Skopje's Centar Municipality.

Making statements and reminding the audience that they have been serving North Macedonia for 19 years, Çevik said: " 360 of the nearly 1200 projects we have carried out were in the educational field. 60 of the projects were the buildings of schools and modifications."

Çevik stated that carrying out the "Sensory Perception Room" project in North Macedonia means a lot to them.

Explaining that the "sensory room" was built comprehensively with its sensory desk, dark room, tent and lightning, Çevik said:" This is a room that will contribute to bringing our hyperactive and disadvantaged children to a level enabling them to respond to the treatment. This is an important project both for our children, especially needing treatment and for it to serve as an example in Skopje."

Çevik mentioned that they hope to be able to carry out new and great projects for disadvantaged groups and children in the future.

Mentioning the other projects of TİKA in the area, Çevik stated that they built the first Down and Autism Center in the capital of Skopje, Pristina and again in Pristina, they supported the development of the corporate capacity of Perparimi Center for Mentally Handicapped where nearly 135 mentally handicapped people receive services.

Çevik also stated that they built the Sensory Perception Rooms, squares and gardens of the Vinko Bek Center for Education for Visually Impaired, and they built an annex for a center for the visually impaired in Podgorica.

Pointing out that they have offices in 62 countries, Çevik mentioned that they support the development of the countries via these offices and more than 30 thousand projects.

Centar Municipality Mayor Gerasimovsi emphasized the importance of investing in the development of early childhood and said that the rooms opened is a step toward the full participation of the children.

Stating that they put a lot of effort into building these types of rooms in all the schools within the municipality, and there are such rooms in a few other schools, Gerasimovski said: As of today, the "Sensory Perception Room" will be open in our Kiro Gligorov school thanks to our friends in Türkiye and TİKA."

After the statements, the Kiro Gligorov Elementary School Principal presented a plaque to TİKA's Vice President Çevik.

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