16 October 2019

TİKA Opened a Children’s Library with 5000 Books in Pakistan

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) opened a children’s library with 5000 books in Pakistan.

Consul General of Turkey in Karachi Tolga Uçak, TİKA Karachi Coordinator İbrahim Katırcı, and Karachi Governor İftihar Şalvani attended the inauguration in the city of Karachi in southern Pakistan.

Stating that Pakistani children also have the right to high-quality education, Consul General Uçak said: “Turkey has long been collaborating with Pakistan in the field of education. Pakistani students receive undergraduate and graduate education in Turkey with Turkey’s Scholarships.”

Karachi Governor Şalvani expressed his gratitude to TİKA and added that they have been renovating and restoring 40 public libraries in Karachi and that they need TİKA’s support in these projects as well. 

Stating that there will be 5000 books in the library, TİKA Karachi Coordinator Katırcı said: “Nations cannot grow and develop without education. Therefore, as TİKA, we aim to improve the quality of education by implementing such projects, especially in underdeveloped regions.” In August, TİKA provided school bags and stationery to 500 students at the schools in the region.

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