14 August 2018

TİKA Offers Support to Water Problem in Cameroon

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) opened a modern water well in Cameroon to enable access to clean water for approximately 1,000 people.

Located in the West Province of Cameroon and approximately 300 kilometers away from the capital Yaoundé, Noun department has a predominantly Muslim population. Furthermore, Noun department is the front-runner in Cameroon in terms of fruit, vegetable and grain production. Renowned for their woodworking pieces, the locals sell their agricultural products to neighboring countries.

Despite these rich resources and its near proximity to the capital Yaoundé, the department suffers from the income inequality that is prevalent in Cameroon and particularly lags behind in terms of rural development.

Located in the city of Foumban, which is the capital of the department, the village of Folap with a population of approximately 1,000 people is situated next to an intercity road but still lacks a drinking water supply network and it does not have a modern water well that meets sanitary requirements to cover clean water needs. TİKA completed the water well project to provide clean drinking water to Folap Village.

The water well, which was completed in approximately one month was inaugurated with the participation of TİKA officials, village folk and department administrators to serve the people. The water well consists of a manual pump that extracts water from 35 meters deep, a reservoir, which is fed by an electric motor that extracts water from 95 meters deep, and a fountain that is connected to it as well as a pond that is built to utilize the wasted water.  

In his speech during the ceremony, TİKA Cameroon Coordinator İzzet Ahmet Bozbey stated that the starting point for a better life and healthy development is access to drinking water, which is the most essential need and stressed that the water well is a gift from Turkish people to their friends in Cameroon. The governor of the department offered his gratitude to the people of Turkey and to TİKA for the completed water well.

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