09 November 2023

TİKA Keeps Gagauz Turkish Alive With Cartoons

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) supports 8 original cartoons in the Gagauz language.

Each of the 8 cartoons which are prepared in the Gagauz language with Moldovan subtitles are 7.5 minutes long. The characters, soundtracks, animation, montage, dubbing, and content of the cartoons are completely original.

These works, the first-ever cartoons to be prepared by the Gagauz people, are about the Gagauz traditions and therefore, will contribute to the youth and the children to know their culture better.

Intending to encourage young people and children to learn the Gagauz language, TİKA carried out the “Dubbing Cartoons in Gagauz Turkish Project” in 2022, which was welcomed with enthusiasm in the region.


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