11 September 2015

TIKA is the first agency going to Panjshir, Aghanistan after Avalanche

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), which was the first agency which directly reached to victims after the avalanche occurred in Panjshir province of Afghanistan leading to 198 deaths and tens of destroyed settlements, delivered emergency aid materials including tents and food packages for 80 families. 

TIKA continues to do activities for Afghanistan with its projects. Within this scope; emergency aid materials including tents and food packages were delivered to 80 families after the avalanche occurred in Panjshir province of Afghanistan leading to 198 deaths and tens of destroyed settlements. 
Panjshir, located in 96 km northeast of Kabul, surrounded with mountains and extended along deep valley formed by the Panjshir River, has a characteristic to be an economically undeveloped province. The province was hit by the avalanche in the beginning of March and Afghanistan government declared 3 days national mourning and called for aid. The number of damaged houses and deaths could not calculated because of severe weather however net number of deaths were officially, according to province resources, determined as 198. There are still so many unreached settlements. 
Furthermore so many houses and terrains of those who live in the village and settlement became unusable and their animals were perished. After the disaster; people whose houses were destroyed took a shelter in near centers which they managed to access. Because highway transportation could not be provided during 2 weeks, the first response was done by helicopters of Afghan army and aid packages were delivered by air. It was heard that some foreign countries and aid charities also helped to Governorship of Panjshir. But it was not seen possible that they would access healthfully to victims due to the blocked roads. 
With TIKA project, emergency aid materials were supplied in order to help the disaster area. After contacting with Governorship of Panjshir; people in need were detected and listed.  
By TIKA policy to directly access to those in need with projects and activities and especially aids; tents and vital food materials packages for 80 families were prepared by TIKA Kabul PKO. These packages supplied by TIKA were delivered to people in need with a program carried out.
Deputy of Jawzjan Province of Afghanistan Enayetullah Babur Farahmant, Manager of Yuksel Security Company in Afghanistan Oktay Kavlak, Manager of Felah Educational Institution in Kabul Mehmet Ali Çiftçi, Coordinator of TIKA in Kabul Süleyman Şahin and TIKA representatives participated in the program.
Within the project, it was delivered to 54 families from Rıza and Dalandur districts from Sefit Cher Village and 10 families from Mukuni district from Sefit Cher Village and 16 families in Hinc Village by reading their names one by one.
During the aid, people in need gathered in an area near the road to provide them to carry the packages easily. This aid has an importance to be the first that a foreign aid agency directly accessed to the victims of disaster in the area and helped 80 families (approximately 320 people) with sheltering and food support.


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