12 December 2023

TİKA Installed a Soilless Agricultural Greenhouse and Biofloc Fish Farm in Indonesia

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) installed a soilless agricultural greenhouse and biofloc fish farm in the village of Purwasari, which is in the Bogor region of Indonesia.

2,226 families in the village of Purwasari are earning a livelihood from animal husbandry, rice cultivation, and fishing. 47% of the population in the village is struggling to make ends meet.

In cooperation with the "Human Initiative" Organization active in Indonesia and the local state authorities, TİKA started a food security program in this region. TİKA put the Soilless Agricultural Greenhouse and Biofloc Fish Farm into service, providing income to many families in the region and being the first of its kind there.

In the soilless agricultural greenhouse, the bok choy plant, which is quite popular among the people in the region, is being produced. The bok choy plant can be harvested monthly. In the greenhouse installed by TİKA, 720 kilograms of the plant will be produced yearly. In the biofloc fish farm, production of which can be harvested every two months, Nila fish, the most consumed type of fish in the region, will be produced. The eggs of the broodfish will be sent to the other regions in tanks, thus providing income to other families as well.

In his speech during the delivery ceremony, the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations and Partnerships at TİKA, Uğur Tanyeli, stated that they brought the salute of Turkish people and expressed how happy he is to see the cooperation between the two countries getting more developed.

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